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String Quartet SightRead Tutor


With this staff Notes Sight Read Tutor, you will learn where to play notes on your instrument's fingerboard !• Violin• Viola• Cello• Double bassMake progress even when you are away from your instrument !
You can also play your real instrument and the application detect the played notes !
Integrated chromatic tuner. (perfect fifths)
Details :• Accelerated training : Notes you know less will be asked more often for you to be able to enhance your sight reading speed.• Choice of notes to practice : choose which strings to pratice, positions among 13 possible ones (from open string to 7th position), flat, sharp.• Choice of clefs to use.• Choice of language among 7 notation systems to display the name of the note to play : Solfège-Latin Si, English B, German H, Byzantine Zo, Japanese Ro, Indian (Hindusthani) Ni, Indian (Carnatic) Kakali Ni• 3 Quiz modes and 2 additional modes :→ Sight-Read Quiz (touch) : Read the staff note, then touch the right spot on the screen's instrument.→ Live Sight-Read (Live) : Read the staff note, then play it using your real instrument. (This mode uses your device's microphone)→ Ear-Training (touch) : Listen to the played note, then touch the right spot on the screen's instrument. (Click staff to replay note)→ Free-Play (touch) : Touch the screen's instrument. The note will be played and displayed on the staff.→ Instrument Tuner (Live) : Integrated tuner : play a note using your real instrument, the note will be displayed on the staff. (This mode uses your device's microphone)• Help system :→ possible display of the name of the note to play.→ Possible display of notes placements on the fingerboard (the name of the note to play is then displayed with the same color as the note placement)→ Possible display of an helping staff with every notes of the fingerboard.• Display of count of good and failed notes. Click on it to reset, or let it reset itself each morning.• Realistic sounds sampled from real instruments.• Sound On / Off. The screen flashes on good answers when the sound is muted.• Interface translated : displayed in English, French or Spanish depending on the langage of the device. Should you need a translation in another langage, contact me.• share button : please tell your friends about this app :o)
In-app purchase :• Full version : no limits, all strings and positions are available + a BIG thanks for your support :o)
There is no ads in this application.
Required app permissions :• Audio : to detect the note you play with your real instrument (microphone)• Internet : to purchase full version in app• Wake-lock : to prevent screen to be turned off while using live sightread or tuner mode (app listens to sound but user doesn't touch the screen)• write local storage : to allow you, using the share button, to send a message to your friends by SMS, Facebook, Twitter...
Have fun at play !